St. Mary Cemetery

St. Mary Parish is blessed to have its own consecrated land in which to bury our dead. St. Mary Cemetery, on Turkey Plain Rd., has served the Parish for more than 100 years. Because of the foresight and generosity of our predecessors, the cemetery has capacity for at least another century.

IMPORTANT CEMETERY NEWS (4/6/2020)  We have discovered vandalism at St. Mary Cemetery.  In certain sections the grave decorations have been removed.  We have pictures of those who are doing this and we have reported this to the police.  Please note that the St. Mary Cemetery staff has not removed any decorations or items.


St. Mary Church Cemetery Association is a subcommittee of the Finance Council. They have completely rewritten the regulations, beautified the cemetery, and transferred and updated the records from a shoebox to a modern computer-based system.

To keep the Cemetery self-sustaining, the Association recommends the following prices:


  • Single Gravesite: $2,800 per plot
  • Interment Plots for Cremains (3ftx3ft): $900
  • Columbarium Single Niche: $2,500 (includes plaque engraving – name, birth date, death date)



  • Grave Opening: Traditional – $1,250; Cremation – $750; Columbarium – $500
  • Saturday Incremental: Before Noon – $250; After Noon – $500
  • Winter fee (11/1 – 3/31): $350

Single Plot Burial Options

  • Single Traditional
  • Single Traditional plus one Cremated Remains
  • Three Cremated Remains