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Ever wonder where all the stuff we believe in came from? Why we pray the way we do or teach the things we teach? Find some answers to these questions and others that you have about the Church by joining us in our new exciting catechetical series! The Didache Parish Series, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, provides a great beginning for Catholics in the elements of their Faith. Starting at the end of February until the first week of May you will have the chance to learn a little more about what your Faith has to say! YOU DON’T HAVE TO COME TO ALL OF THE CLASSES and there is no cost! While each semester focuses upon one main topic, each class is its own standalone lesson.   When: Feb. 23 – Made for God; Mar. 2– God Reveals Himself; Mar. 9 – Christ in Scripture – Early Years; Mar. 23 – The Ministry and Passion of Jesus; Mar. 30 – The Early Church; Apr. 6 – Pass it On: Tradition; Apr. 20 – Thus Says the Lord…; Apr. 26 – The Church at Prayer; May 4 – Standing for the Truth. All classes are at 7pm in the Parish Hall. For more info, contact Fr. Wolfe at the Parish Office.



January 19, 2017

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